Friday, August 10, 2012

Sounds of Yoga !

Slide your head back and align it with your back in a straight line
Left thigh parallel to the floor, right heel going back, right leg straight, pulling upwards
Right leg straight, right knee unlocked, right hand behind right leg dangling, left hand reaching for the sky, look at left hand
Wrist, elbow, shoulder in one line, head in line with your spine, heels pushing back, belly not on a sunday, pull up the naval, no cavity between the shoulder blades, fingers spread, press with the mounds of you palms.
Press the pinky toe of your left foot into the mat.
Let your head hang loose, look at your thighs, now lift your heart up, look upward at something on the opposite wall, broaden your shoulders... teachers are quite talkative :-)

If Yoga is about silencing the mind through the use of the body, then is all this sound in the class really helping?

I have observed this about myself, that if I don't listen carefully to these instructions, the pose doesn't happen as expected. In fact its even more confusing to use the eyes to get instructed (watch the teacher), since the directions typically vary and the small nuances (angles, toe positions, head positions, etc) which make a big difference may be missed.

These instructions from the teachers carry a lot of significance to activate and make alive all the necessary muscle groups in the body, during each movement.

Our teacher always says, "don't watch and do, listen and do"

Listening to these instructions carefully and observing your body simultaneously actually silences the mind, as it stops creating thoughts, while waiting for the next instruction.

You don't need quietness in the surrounding to achieve inner thoughtless silence.

This is one sound, which leads to silence

Go Yoga
Best wishes

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