Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is your lifes purpose on earth over?

Richard Bach says that a simple test for this is "If you are still alive, its not over" :-).

But what happens when a person dies, can we say that their life's purpose is over?

The corollary to Richard Bach's test is that if you are reborn the purpose is not over :-). But who knows about this!!!

I can say for sure that Mr. Subir Das's purpose on earth is not over. He (passed away this morning) and his late wife Mrs Sunanda Das, both of whom nurtured the Blue Cross Society Pune so selflessly and by giving up all that they had, are what we all must aspire to be as human beings.

Their love and care for animals was exemplary.

We (animal lovers, animal care volunteers, animal charity funders, etc)  must build solidarity to continue the work that these two lovely human beings started so that our furry friends have a wonderful life on this planet.

May Mr. Das's soul rest in peace

We already miss you

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