Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Creatures of Habit

Today while bathing, I came into the present (one of those rare moments) and observed how I dried myself using exactly the same movements, sequence, pressure, and time like I do every time. It was uncanny to perform this observation. It was like observing the observer. Meaning, I knew I was repeating the movement in exactly the same way “while I was doing it” and I also knew at that point that I could simply shuffle it up for a change.

It gave me a revelation of how many habits we are actually harboring. Like how we eat, how we stand, how we hold the brush, how we open the car door, how we sit, how we think, the routes we take to go home etc. It could be in hundreds or even thousand or so. So don’t for one moment think that just cigarette smoking is a habit.

Essentially for many of these 100s of habits, its inconsequential even if you continue doing them the way they are e.g. drying yourself after a bath in a certain way (unless you witness carefully and can do it more optimally J/better). But I think, that if we can be in the present for every action we do, we would automatically see the problem/waste in many of these habits.

Try it out the next time you bathe J or perform any action.

Lets change our ways, there is always a better way to do things…believe this first.