Thursday, March 15, 2012

4 limbs and a mat

All my life I have been fairly active and have experimented with all forms of exercise. Right from running in school, martial arts in college, gym during my graduation college and work years, long distance cycling last few years, I thought I had been there and done them all.

For some odd reason I had stayed away from Yoga. The extent of my yoga exposure or practice during those years was pranayam when I enrolled for SSY training.

I used to hold this notion that Yoga is only to stretch, wont help weight loss, or cant help me with my athletic performance, and can be taken up when I grow older :-). Essentially I didn't think it was challenging enough for my "fit" body to take on.

However last year before I went on a very long ride, I overcame my resistance and enrolled for Power Yoga, at Param Yoga in Aundh ( At this time I was in the peak of my fitness having a lot of training under my belt. However I was quite taken aback by the intensity of the class. After a year of doing this, I still feel challenged during a class. Every new asana introduced into the flow (vinayasa), is a new challenge altogether. Of course my teachers in Param Yoga are very good.

I observe the following key benefits (the three pillars of fitness) from the yoga training
1. It increases heart rate big time to provide cardio benefits.
2. The earth facing poses which are held isometrically provide strength gains.
3. The stretches provide the flexibility gains.
4. Holding the poses, creates a very still mind.
5. The pranayam helps to increase the metabolism and heal.

All with four limbs and a mat
(no running around, no equipment)

I recommend Yoga to people of all age groups, as a holistic health practice form.

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Jeux grattage said...

From some time my vision is blurry and I feel my eyes more and more painful. A friend of mine has been recommending me to practise yoga in order to cool myself. Do you really think this can fix my ocular problem in the long run?