Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Do you have 5 minutes

Recently Amol (my colleague) came up to me and asked me if I had 5 minutes for a quick review. 

I spontaneously told him that "time is all I have".

Immediately a realization dawned on me that all of us actually come on this planet, only with time. All else that we acquire along the way, is also lost before we depart from this planet. with the exception of spiritual growth.

We need to be very conscious of where we spend our most valuable resource - time.

Some suggestions (which I am working on in my life)
- Spend time creating...its an expression of God.
- Spend time being compassionate - its also an expression of God
- Be available to people you care about - another expression of God
- Spend time growing as an individual - invest in harmonising the 5 aspects of being a human (as per my experience with SSY)- 
--physical (regular exercise)
--intellect (understanding, reflections, introspection), 
--life force (energy - pranayam)
--emotional (meditation)
- spirit (identity, work on a cause bigger than yourself)

All the best


Amol Katdare said...

Good one.

munaza said...

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