Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thank You

I travelled yesterday by the MSRTC volvo bus from Mumbai to Pune. The best thing about this service is the punctuality of departure and running. They do not waste time (our time) scouting around for extra passengers even if the seats are half empty. While I sat there listening to the radio, I was reflecting on the many times I would have travelled in such buses (public transport) and the life of a driver. I am safe so far means that the drivers (of the many busses I have travelled in so far, including yesterdays trip) have done their job well. A thought crossed my are scores of people who have had a hand in transporting me around (have actually been part of a service chain) and how often have I just walked out of the bus at the destination without really stopping to express my gratitude. I decided that I would do it today and then at every such opportunity.

When we stopped at Pune and while I was aligting, I stopped by the driver, touched his shoulder and thanked him for the good safe drive. He smiled and was also slightly embarassed. With a gesture he said "its ok. its my job". But I knew and could feel he was touched. I was touched too.

Go out there and express your gratitude openly. It'll only bring more cheer into your life.

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pramod said...

Right Sir, very True.