Thursday, August 14, 2008

Panda - My second ResQ

I am writing this post after about 3 weeks of doing this rescue. It was around 2 PM when I got a call from Neha requesting me to join her for this rescue. She had received a call from a regular caller, who informed her of an injured dog on Pashan road in Pune.

When we reached there, sure enough there was this full grown black and white dog lying on the side of the road with laboured breathing and also bleeding slightly from his nose and mouth. Apparently didn't have any external injuries.

As usual, Neha wanted me to handle this too. I muzzled the dog (as a precaution since we couldn't make out if he was aggressive) and I gave him a sedative shot. Inspected him for any broken bones and we slung him into the rear seat of Neha's car and headed towards the kennels. It was apparent that he was hemorrhaging.

En route, Neha started calling the vets in sequence to see who was the closest and could take a look at him. We were lucky to have Dr. hatekar in the vicinity, heading towards his home.

Doc, asked for him to be taken to the kennels so he could start his treatment. We started him off on a drip with required medications. While this was on, we cleaned up the dirt & blood around his mouth to make him comfortable. While filling out his case sheet, Neha was wondering what to call him. She kept recalling recent movies and we came across "Kung fu Panda"...voila his name is now Panda (he is as cute as a panda :-))

Its been almost 3 weeks, and steadily he is recovering. At first he couldn't walk, fortunately he was eating. By and by he is now able to walk and is returning to normal. he is still at the kennels awaiting a green signal by the Vet so he can be dropped back at the same spot (or adopted...which is a little difficult considering his size and age)

I have to admit, that my first reaction was that if its internally bleeding, it might be a gone case. However since I have been working with this organisation, I have been seeing a very striking blend of practicality and a clinical determination to work on each case with the same enthusiasm and level of detail until recovery. The feeling is that "I must give this my best shot, even if there is a 10% chance of the dog recovering"

I admire this quality and this is what really attracts me to this group. Keep it up guys.


Anonymous said...

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