Tuesday, July 08, 2008

ResQ - The paws pack

Recently while going to my office, I saw a donkey sitting in the middle of the main road, right across the lane leading to my office. Its not abnormal to see donkeys resting near or on the road, typically separated from their pack or with their pack in the vicinity. But I noticed that he didn't look too well. The traffic flow was heavy and despite people trying to move him (stubborn as they are), he wasn't moving. But I could see that it wasn't a steely resolve to stay put but a lack of energy.
That's when I called the PAWS pack, which is an animal rescue organisation, started and managed by three like minded animal loving girls (Neha, Shruti and Tanya). I got through to Tanya, who gave me basic instructions, guided me to contacting a vet, coordinated my meeting with the vet, so I could go and bring the vet over to the site.
The donkey was diagnosed to be having a high fever. The doc gave him a couple of large shots, we fed him a couple of times and the guy recovered. Before long he disappeared, probably joined some passing tribe. I also learnt that PAWS was already aware of this case (was called by some more people) and was keeping an eye on the donkey via some of its volunteers
After this incident, I was inspired to become a member of this team. The concept is amazing...a central point of coordination, relationships with 20+ leading vets in Pune, a 50+ strong volunteer network to cover the city. The model is to get a call of an injured or needy animal, send the nearest volunteer to get first hand information, report back to HO, while the team organises the protocol to rescue the animal.
While running this setup, they I guess, figured that it would be useful to have the volunteers be able to administer basic first aid to stabilise the animal (thereby increasing the chances of survival) while more help comes its way.
Leading towards this they organised a first aid work shop last Sunday, which I attended. It was extremely useful to learning about the common ailments, common protocols to approaching and muzzling the dogs, and very basic treatment (of course in consultation with the vet network).
How can we help this cause?
1. Become a part of the volunteer network.
2. Participate actively in the rescue or help in the back end operations (organisation)
3. Funds (always welcome). Currently the girls are pursuing related professions (like Tanya is a dog trainer & behaviorist, Neha is studying to be a canine nutritionist) to support the cause financially.
4. Awareness...spread the word and educate the masses to help prevent accidents and treat animals with respect.
5. Support by buying/selling their produce. They are now manufacturing dog snacks to generate revenue

Hats off to the effort of the girls and their core team.


Tanya said...

Hi Sunil!
Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope more and more people get sensitive to an issue that touched the three of us so much. Hoping to see you more at rescues!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya,i've known shruti since she was doing her ENT... am not able to get in touch with her.. am a major dog lover myself,came to know about pawspack through a common friend.. please ask shruti to mail me at dr.gunjanshah@gmail.com
you can also visit this community of mine:
would love to help if there's something i can do in bombay...
and where can i buy your doggy products? food and snacks and stuff? do let me know... thanks... and keep up the good work... am proud of you all..

Shruti Mahajan said...

I got to know about ResQ and paws pack through the television show "heavy petting".
I am a major animal lover and would love to help/participate.
please let me know how can i do this.
please mail me at shruti.aquarius@gmail.com
-Shruti Mahajan

Anonymous said...

Hey ,
my name is Avni and my mom saw one of your rescues at Fergussion road where there was an abandoned Alastion dog. She was very moved when she saw people helping animals, as this was the first time she saw humans helping animals in 41 years of her life in Pune. After hearing this I was too. I would like to become a volunteer and spend my free time doing something useful for the species I love. Please guide me as to where I can get this information.
my email is avnimurthy@gmail.com
Thank you so much .

Shona Parelkar said...

Hi Neha/ Shruti,

My name is Shona and i come across your artices about the work you guys are doing very often. I must say you guys are doing an awesome job. In fact i met Neha at the kalyani nagar bridge when we called thave a very old lasa rescued. its very touching to see u guys help the strays out so selflessly. pardon me for my ignorance but i am not sure if PETA and paws have anything in common. I have actually sent PETA an email today for the first time. this was in regards to the heartbreaking article on pune mirror today about a stary dog who had littered eight puppies being dragged by her neck for two Kms by the PMC and killed. i would really like to know what is the legal action that will be taken against these people? i mean why do we only end up issuing them notices and warning and dont actaully end up punishing them? i think its time our approach to such sadists got a little stronger and they took the issue seriously. I am currently pursuing my LLB and hope to graduate and someday do something for this cause. but in the mean time i would be more than glad if there is anything i could do to help these guys out. you can reach me at 9637116911 or email me at shonaparelkar@yahoo.in.

neha said...

Hey, I am an animal lover and willing to help financially. I wud really love to help you guys in volunteer work... I am working but my weekends are free... How do i get enroll for volunteer work???
Neha Muley

Anonymous said...

hi i am saisha parab yet a small teen i am viewer of heavy pettings n thru this show i gt 2 know abt paws pack i stay in thane n i had arrived on 2nd may 2010 at lonavla golden valley d-block for an occasional party where der is a dog named bruno huz sufferin from a disease of which i hav no idea hes a very cute adult dog his back side near the glutes is completely bleeeding hes not given proper food der n isnt taken care of that day as i arrived i seen him eatin a thrown away used diaper as he was hungry n he ate it all i tried stoppin him but his care taker told me nt 2 touch him n let him eat wt he wnts if soon atttention is not given 2 him he may die i am tryin hard to get ur contactno. but cudnt find it i hope ull read it n take some action i am at thane now n i just keep on thinkin abt bruno plz help him i hope n pray this reaches to u plz reply me as sooon as u read dis at saishaparab@yahoo.com

Aditya said...

Hey, i heard about paws pack through a friend and i am finding it tough to get in contact with your organization. I was wondering if i could be of any use for this organization. Please give me an address or any thing that will get me in contact with either of the volunteers or the required personnel. Thank you.

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I am very happy that this type of animal rescue groups exist. They do such a great job and deserve a lot of respect.

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