Thursday, February 21, 2008

Silent retreat

Recently Mithi conducted a Corporate SSY program for all our employees. The focus of the program is build people by teaching them how to cleanse and maintain the building blocks of life viz. the body, mind and soul. The thrust is on ensuring harmonious functioning of these elements for optimal performance of the person.

Many corporates we hear are now making this a mandatory training for their employees. We found that the corporate version of the more rigorous version of the SSY is as good or even better in providing clarity and understanding on management than many westernised management training programs. But this can be known only after experiencing it.

As a follow up to this, recently I and a few of my colleagues had the good fortune of attending an SSY retreat where we go and stay in the wilderness for a few days away from any stimuli in terms of time (watches), communication (phones/mobiles), money and be in silence for that period.

Being with people but being by yourself.

Going back to the roots, playing, meditating, practicing Yoga and basically doing nothing.

The results are amazing. The energy creation in silence. Being meditative with eyes open. Learning to live on natural foods.

Definitely a battery charger. This is the form of rejuvinating holidays which should be taken up more often. The idea is to come back refreshed and not exhausted (as typically happens on most regular indulgent holidays where one ends up over eating, drinking, overdoing, or over sleeping)

I would definitely be integrating these kind of 2 day getaways into my routine, to recharge.

I strongly recommend this for you too.

Go experience it to know how it feels.


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gouri dange urf geedee said...

First getting comfortable with it, and then enjoying silence. It's the way to go. Which doesnt mean that you do away with people; but it means you dont seek out and hang on to people for all the wrong reasons. so good for you and whoever else experiences this retreat.