Friday, March 31, 2006

Ideas - The light bulb...

Everybody goes through this phase (some stay in it forever) where maximum amount of time is spent in conceptualizing, ideating, and discussing the new thoughts. We as a team also used to do a lot of it previously. Undoubtedly an idea can be powerful, can provide breakthroughs, and we as humans are lucky to be the rare gifted species who can imagine things and conjure up images about the future. There was a time when just discussing an idea would provide immense excitement.

However, of late I realized that my attitude towards a good idea (or ideas in general) had become quite subdued. In my job, I am grappling on a daily basis with the just GTD (Getting things done)/execution. We learn daily about how complex it is to convert an idea to reality which is marketable, usable, scalable. For me an idea will excite me no end if I see it executed at least partially if not fully.

In my sphere of influence, I find that many people are caught up in idealogical world where they spend a lot of time thinking about the future (read dreaming), marveling at the creation of other people/companies (grass is greener on the other side of the fence), reading a lot about new technologies (mostly out of context and more than required) and doing precious little themselves to get any substantial work done.

Mind you, I am not disputing the power of an idea...but nothing can beat the power of a well executed idea. So what am I saying?
1. Think and learn in the context of the work in hand. (Lean thinking, lean learning, lean execution)
2. Execute it with demonic focus (read my previous blogs for some tips on how to do this)
3. Marvel at your own creation (Let other lazy people also marvel at your creation)

OK so lets get back to work now :-)

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