Thursday, November 24, 2005

Get professional in your attitude

I am writing this in response to facing the brunt of purely childish emotional behavior by certain class of people whom I have worked with. No matter how talented, skilled and capable you might be, but if you have a bad attitude, are insecure professionally and lack confidence, you are a misfit wherever you work. You will always be disgruntled and untrusting of your colleagues, thinking that the next guy you meet is going to take you for a ride. I believe that as professionals, we have to deal with situations impassionedly and rationally. These are some of my tips for being a good professional:
1. Believe in yourself, be confident and be hungry to learn. Get involved in your work to widen your horizon.
2. Everyday, do an honest days work. Get connected to the overall vision/goal of the company and follow through with actions. Don't vile away your time...There's lots to do, just go do it.
3. For you to make a significant contribution in any sphere, and also for you to gain something worthwhile from this engagement, you need to spend substantial amount of time in the company. I feel that 2.5 to 3 years is a bare minimum. If you retire from the company, that's great.
4. Trust the company you work in or else quit. Don't hold resentment within yourself towards the management or hold feelings of being cheated or short-changed of opportunities or start indulging in politics like forming them v/s us groups. If such feelings arise, discuss with your manager candidly and sort them out. After that if discomfort still persists, it is better to leave. By continuing, you are creating more harm than good to yourself and to your company.
5. If you must leave, do it with grace and dignity. (If you are leaving for better opportunity, it's perfectly all right. Be forthright about that, rather than hide behind some farce of blaming the company for non-issues just to avoid feeling guilty. I feel that you don't have to feel guilty if you have adhered to points 1 and 2 in spirit.) Complete all unfinished work, discuss with the manager a suitable leaving date so that you don't leave in a lurch (we've had people who come in the middle of a product release and desire to leave that very day with no concern about their commitment to completing the job) and leave behind your contact details in case you are needed in future for some help. Also remember that this globally connected world is getting smaller, with technology enabling easier and wider communication (e.g. this blog to share my thoughts), good as well as bad references can make or break your career.
6. Stay in touch, since you never know when you may need to ask for some help/references from old contacts.
Wish you all the best.


Arvind Kumar Naag said...

It was a simple and honest effort to put across your message to a very large group of people in the organisations.
I do agree with you and also would like to add few more:

a. A person who is going to work/working in an organisation must think as if he is working in his own company. He is a part of company. i.e. Sense of Self Belonging.

b. He must proud of his organisation as we spend more than 80% of our active life at the work place.

c. We are the part of the huge family. We must try to nurture the organisation with best possible contritbution.

d. One makes a lot of promises at the time of interview but very few bother to keep it up after getting the job.

e. The promises made to the management is also the promises to oneself. Therefore,one must atleast keep the promises being made to himself.

myblogspot said...

Yes, may what you said be right. But think from different perpective will let you know the reasons for such decisions taken by the people. It's not because they are childish but because you suppose they are. Actually, in order to prevent the loss from both the side there has to be some wise decision rather than choosing the destructive way. The only thing I would like to say that it's not simple to understand the people who don't speak but do what they speak and even do that also what they never speak. Don't tease or test their patience any more.

Avari said...

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